2021 CD


  1. KISS OF DEATH --Mickey Maione on guitar and vocals, John MacRobbie on guitar & bass 

  2. *JUST FOR A DAY -- Todd White on vocals, back-up vocals, guitars, & bass, Don Nesbitt on lead guitar, Wayne Moser on drums 

  3. MOOSE JAW -- Patricia Dodich on guitar & vocals, Jay Stovell on guitar, back-up vocals & bass, Monty Munro on guitar, Tim MacIntosh on drums, Jessie Couvillon on banjo, Cat Tumason & Sylvia Power on back-up vocals

  4. SLOW RIDER -- Marlaena Moore on guitar & vocals, Michael Wallace on drums, Monty Munro on guitar, John MacRobbie on bass, Jessie Couvillon on banjo

  5. THOSE MEMORIES -- Larry Newman on guitar and vocals, John MacRobbie on bass & back-up vocals, Mark Fraser on lead guitar, Michael Wallace on percussion

  6. SUSIE DUFRESNE -- Blitzen Coast -- Pat Carrick on drums & vocals, Jay Stovell on guitars, Fraser Smith on bass & vocals, Tim MacIntosh on keys and vocals

  7. VOICE OF A STRANGER -- Kevin Olson on guitar and vocals, John MacRobbie on bass  

  8. HER -- Emma Postlethwaite on guitar & vocals, John MacRobbie on bass, Michael Wallace on drums

  9. OLD BLUE -- Clandestine Song Band – Jessie Couvillon on saxophone, guitars, banjo, & bass, Sylvia Power on kazoo, mandolin & lead vocals, Michael Wallace on percussion & vocals, Greg Constable on trumpet, Matt Shelson on drums 

  10. RACCOON DREAMS – Jay Stovell on vocals & guitars, Cat Tumason on vocals & synth, Tim MacIntosh on synth, Michael Wallace on drums 

  11. THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD (WOE IS ME) -- Chisel Peak - Ian Wilson on guitar & vocals, Emily Rawbon on lead guitar, harmonica & back-up vocals, James Reimer on mandolin & drums

  12. ETERNITY -- Gone Hollywood - Trig Strand on piano and vocals, James Rose on guitar, Michael Wallace on percussion

  13. STUMP BURNER -- Johnny Mac - John MacRobbie on vocals, Monty Munro on rhythm guitar & bass, Mark Fraser on lead guitar, Kevin Olson on slide guitar, and Michael Wallace on drums



  1. EDGEWATER -- Marty Beingessner on guitar & vocals, Sandra Beingessner on back-up vocals, Kevin Olson on slide guitar, John MacRobbie on bass & back-up vocals

  2. *BRISCO -- Broke Down Trucks — Christopher J. Howse on rhythm guitar, drums & vocals, Jonathan J. Howse on guitar, mandolin, lap steel, & vocals, Todd White on bass, and Sylvia Power on vocals, recorded by Jonathan Howse

  3. BROTHER SISTER -- Cat - Catherine Tumason on piano, cello, & vocals, Patricia Dodich on back-up vocals, Michael Wallace on percussion, Jay Stovell on guitar, back-up vocals and Edgewater All Saints Church heritage pump organ

  4. ROUND ABOUT BLUES – Rollin’ Dean & the Missed Beats - Dean Kendrick on guitar & vocals, Al Semple on harmonica, Jay Stovell on bass, Gary Murphy on lead guitar, Cat Tumason on keys & back-up vocals, Rachel Ott on back-up vocals, Michael Wallace on drums & drum machine 

  5. *GET CRAZY -- The Pickups — Larry Pickering on guitar & vocals, Travis Pickering on guitar & vocals

  6. *NEVER ENOUGH -- Kootenay Lately — Pam Ruby on vocals, Theresa Reichert on stand-up bass, Bryan Reichert on drums, & Chad Andriowsky on guitar and mandolin

  7. *I FEEL OKAY -- Scott Ivers on guitar, ukulele, & vocals, Todd White on bass, Wayne Moser on drums

  8. TRAILER PARK -- Smarty Pants — Bill Cropper guitar & vocals, Kurt Reichel on guitar, bass, & vocals

  9. *YOU ARE MY LION -- Donna Power & Sylvia Power -- The Sundown Uppers: Sylvia Power on lead Vocals, Jay Stovell on back-up vocals, Tim MacIntosh and Jay Stovell on almost every instrument in Tim's house :) Hahaha! Recorded at Tim MacIntosh's studio in Edgewater, BC. 

  10. LOCHRANZA BAY -- Mike Smith on guitar & vocals, Fraser Smith on flute, guitar & back-up vocals

  11. *VAUGHN’S AIR -- Barry Moore on piano

  12. *WHAT CAN YOU SAY -- Will Wardwell on guitar & vocals, John Cronin on guitar

  13. *THE WOMAN I LOVE -- Big Eli — Eli Beingessner on guitar, bass, drums, & vocals


All tracks except those marked with * recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Wallace and Monty Munro

*Submitted pre-recorded tracks